Document Scanner

If you take a picture you now get assistance by a document scanner component. It allows you to enable the flash light, it recognizes the edges of a document and does correct the perspective in order to improve the readability of your scan. Furthermore you can switch between color and black/white mode.

Sync contacts to

All contacts which are not marked as Private are synced to the linked account.

Quick Actions

Use 3D touch on the Valletti icon to display the quick actions for adding a new expense or start time tracking.

Share Times

The time module now provides a new way to share your time records with the world by simply tapping the share icon. You can even filter you time to export just a subset of your records.

Other improvements

  • Filed items are hidden by default now
  • A double tap on a module icon in the main navigation jumps now back to the start page of the tapped module
  • Reordered the default sorting of the modules in the main navigation
  • Fixed translation issues
  • Gender is now automatically selected after inserting or editing a first name (needs internet connection).
  • Bank name is now automatically inserted after inserting or editing the IBAN (needs internet connection). 
Inserting the bank name currently works for banking accounts of Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Switzerland.
  • Error fixed, where the logo was not updated during invoice export
  • Several minor bugfixes
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